It's easy to keep cool, with these Q-Flow™ outsoles.  Vented on the bottom to maximize airflow, paired with a perforated footbed to keep your feet dry and fresh.  Dual-density polyurethane outsole gives support with flexibility, on a 1" heel height.


A modern twist to a classic sneaker silhouette. The dual-density polyurethane outsole makes these comfortable and light, perfect to take on all your casual outings.  Featuring slip-resistant and non-marking materials with 0.75" heel height.   

Q-Sport Flatform

Walk it out in our Q-Sport Flatform outsole.  Featuring a non-flexing shock-absorbing outsole, non-marking slip resistance, and 1.75" heel height, it gives these styles a bit of lift with secure stable footing.  The dual-density polyurethane construction ensures comfort on all surfaces, wear them for a stroll in the park or for work all day. 

Q-Sport Walker

Just as the name suggests, these are great for walking.  Dual-density polyurethane construction makes for increased support, more balanced weight distribution and enhanced shock absorption. Featuring 1.25" heel height and non-marking slip resistant outsole.